This is so hilarious. I stumbled on this on social media some minutes ago and think it’s worth sharing. Check it out!


Here are the 10 Things That Would Have Happened If Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Visited Nigeria When Nigeria Had A PDP President…

1. The presidency will set up a committee to welcome him.

2. The national assembly joint committee on information technology will also be at the airports to welcome him.

3. There will be traffic everywhere both in Lagos and in FCT.

4. He will be heavily guarded by soldiers, police and DSS.

5. Youths will wear t-shirts with his images, Women will also tie wrapper bearing his images.

6. Pages of newspapers as well as national TV will have facilitation messages welcoming him.

7. Public holiday Will be declared to welcome him properly.

8. #2.1 billion will be release by Dasuki, on order of the presidency, to various groups for logistics and feeding during the visit.

9. Gov. Akpabio (the uncommon transformer) will lobby to have him in Akwa Ibom state.

10. In Akwa ibom, the following will take place;

(a) A visit to the tropicana

(b) A visit to e-liB.rary

(c) A visit to underground pipe-jacking drainage (with electricity generating turbine) first in sub-sahara Africa.

(d) A reception ceremony at the state banquet hall later in the evening.

(e) At the reception, he will be entertained to jokes by SirJames, Basket mouth, Klink de drunk, Elenu, B.rass band 999 mass choir will not be left out…etc.

(f) …and first class private jet will be hiredby the state govt. to fly Mark back to Abuja.

Mark, sorry you came late. lol 😀 😀 😀

Nigerians sha…

Source: Facebook