Here is the advise I give to every newbie I coma across (myself inclusive) 😁 β€” Do Something! 

I barely know some code, how do I do something?

Oops!!! Don’t be like that… You can reproduce other people’s work(s) β€” just in a different way. 

When I was still very fresh to Python programming language , my mentor, Elusoji Sodeeq, told me this same thing: β€œDo Something!”. Agreed, you know some code by heart, maybe you can even write the code for a blog in your dreams, implementation is what really matter.”

Produce something. As a front end Web developer, design a landing page (a page you see when you first visit a website β€” index as you may call it), as a programmer, develop something with the language you are learning, no matter how small, even if some people have done it before.

Graphic Designer? Design as many as possible posters, banners, flyers for imaginary events, that adds to your portfolio.

My word:

Do not be idle and just rely solely on the knowledge you have until someone ask you to do sonething for you (commercial purpose), do something now, a personal one.

Hope you catch this?