Hey buddies! I am here with another tweak! In this simple tutorial, I will be showing you how to unlock all characters in Subway Surfers Android game. The best part of it is: this tweak also unlocks the special characters from the previous versions of Subway Surfers — that is, special characters from Rio, Miami, Paris, Seoul among others. This is fun! 

It gets better, not just the characters are unlocked here, all the Skateboards are also unlocked and you have infinite coins and keys as well as all power ups including hoverboard are all infinite.

Now let us begin.

How to get unlimited goodies

First off, you must have Lucky patched installed on your Android powered phone.

Open Lucky Patcher app and scroll to where you have the game, Subway Surf .

After that, click on the name, Subway Surf and you will have the screen below (if your device is not rooted), click on Create Modified APK File. 

If you are using a rooted device, this screen is what you see immediately you click on the app name. If you are not using a rooted device, then you will have this screen when you click on Create Modified APK File from the previous screen.

Click on CustomPatch-applied APK and you’ll have this next screen displayed to you.

All you have to do now is click on the Apply button. Wait for some seconds till it finishes patching successfully and then Launch the app (if you are using a rooted device). 

If your device is not rooted, you will have to click on Go to file and then click on the new file name and click Install.

If clicking install does not work, click on Uninstall and Install.

Go to your app after installation and you will have unlimited coins and keys and others.