Hi there! I discovered that some people do not know how to sign up on ParadisePaymentNigeria (which of course some people refer to as PPN, though not the popular one), some do not even know how it works, so in this blog post, I will be sharing with you the step-by-step process in setting up your account on ParadisePaymentNigeria.

Let me start with what PPN is and how it actually works.

What PPN is?

ParadisePaymentNigeria is a “networking scheme” which offers Member-to-Member (M2M) or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) donations. What this mean is what I call “Donate and get donations.” This is simply because you make some donations and earn from the donation of other people. The amount you donated is the exact same amount some more members of the league will donate to you.

How PPN works

We are here. How it works! 

Each member donates and get donations. Your question will be HOW! I am prepped for you. Assuming I donate 1500 (which is the start amount for the Bronze package), 4 other members will be paired to me and they will pay 1500 each to me, that makes 6000NGN for the first phase of the Bronze package of PPN.

It goes on and on like that… Donate 3000NGN and get 4×4 = 16 people to donate that same amount to you, which gives you 48000NGN, you donate 10000NGN for the third phase and get 16×4 = 64 people to donate the same amount to you, giving you a total of 64000NGN to chill with.

See the image below for a simple guide.

After a successful registration, you will be required to login. Note: Do not use the login form on the left side. Use the one on the right column (the wider one). If you are using Low-end mobile devices, the second form you see when you click the Login link is the one you fill, not the first one.

After a successful login, you are expected to navigate to Payment Methods.