Hi there! In this blog post I will be giving you the best app to root your Android powered phone and conserve it’s battery capacity as well as other functionalities.

First off, what rooting apps have you used? Take a look at the few popular ones I have used personally.

The first is KingRoot.

KingRoot offers security alongside it’s installation as well as a fantastic application known as the Purify. This app put all of your notifications inside its notifications container and you can select from the apps which one you want purified and which ones you do not want purified. I really must say it is a fantastic application for rooting. I have used it more than five different times all with the same good results and cool.
The disadvantage I have encountered using this rooting app is that it drains battery and even though it has the option to deactivate auto start applications, it still sucks my battery.
You can download KingRoot application by searching it on google or download it on Google Play Store

Good News: The latest release of KingRoot (version 5) is very cool and the battery-draining feature has been removed, in fact I can tell you that it is not going to eat up your battery. Smiles.

I have tried using iRoot as well but just as I expected, it didn’t root my phone at all. Same thing goes to FramaRoot and SuperSU.

The first time I used SuperSU, my phone got bricked and I stopped attempting to use it then and then.

Boom! The last one I’ll be checking in on is KingoRoot. This rooting app has proved itself to be cool for as many times I’ve used it. It doesn’t drain battery and it comes with some pre-installed apps which you can install optionally. Super Battery it is.

This app saves my battery and it does just about anything I want it to do for me as far as rooting android phones is concerned.

Well, I have provided you with options now, the choice is yours to make, between KingRoot and KingoRoot.